1. saw that a lot of people on my other blog were reblogging things from this blog so i just wanted to make sure that everyone knew i moved!! in case you hadn’t noticed and wanted to continue seeing my stuff. c:

    please feel free to follow me again~! ♡♡

  2. aya-sanの発言:: oh my you changed urls? :O

    yess c: i’m now here!

  3. hi everyone!

    just another friendly reminder that i’ve moved. if you’d like to follow you can now find me here!

  4. okay well the new account has been made and i’ve followed everyone who messaged me. if you weren’t just followed by a new account with a bad theme then let me know and i’ll fix that!?

    otherwise that’s all. thanks everyone. o3o/

  5. alright so i think i’ll go make a new tumblr! i was considering just publicizing my new account on tumblr but since i just saw that anon hate from three days ago (you know that one thing i wanted to avoid like the plague) i guess i’ll just add everyone who would like me to add them back? i don’t know if that’s the easiest way to go about it. .____.;

    just send me an ask or a response to this text post and i’ll let you know. <3

  6. sugoikokoro:


    how do u tell a tumblr user u want to date them

    ask them to be canon with you

  7. hinaka replied to your post: hinaka replied to your post: i think i’m going to…

    Tumblr is basically your canvas to paint - whether it be interests, frustrations, or just your day-to-day life. Go for it!

    i agree! i really feel like i took it too seriously. maybe a new casual blog will help me feel better about being here. :3

  8. palapiyon replied to your post: i think i’m going to make a new tumblr account

    Oh darling Touwa. Don’t beat yourself up! This has been one of my favorite blogs for a while, and I have to say I want you to be happy.No matter what you do, I think you should do what takes weight off of your shoulders. Be happy be happy!

    ;ww; awwww thank you!! that was really sweet of you to say. it makes me happy to know that there are people like you and others who responded that care about me. i think i am going to make a new account however so that i can get a fresh start.

    even talking about it makes me a little happier~ <3

  9. 匿名ユーザーの発言:: stop fucking editing art i dont care if u credit the artist. inb4 : im the 1000th person to tell u this

    lol open my ask box to find this inb4 i haven’t edited anything since the beginning of the year and i didn’t plan on it anymore thanks anyways though.

  10. hinaka replied to your post: i think i’m going to make a new tumblr account

    I suggest totally doing it, unless you believe Tumblr just isn’t all that interesting to you any longer. I, personally, can understand your current feelings quite well, though. At times, I’m either frustrated or sort of… hesitant to give out my tumblr because WHOAMYGODkawaii, along with the musings and random text posts that come with. Dip your feet into the water and just see if you like it. Do you want more of a casual blog where you can just post anything? The decision is yours!

    that’s… actually really helpful. o////o yeah i was thinking of doing something more casual. i guess i sort of feel like i’ve been trying to be too professional with my tumblr? a few people have told me i’m ~tumblr famous~ and while i highly doubt that i guess i took on a persona that… idk, a ~tumblr famous~ person would take at some point so it just got really bothersome because that persona isn’t me. :/

    but yes i was contemplating a casual blog! i wanted to start making more text posts about anime i’m watching or talking about my job a little bit more. since i was promoted a month ago i’ve had a lot of excitement and interesting stories to share but… again that persona i set for this blog wouldn’t find all that interesting.

    perhaps starting over would be best after all. thank you!! <3